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Friendica vs Red Matrix
@Friendica Support I'm a bit confused about the pro's and cons between the two.
As I understand from the Red wiki, Red has a different philosophy for it's design and should not be seen as the next-gen Friendica. But when I look at Red is described as the "what we made when we learnt from our mistakes", as if this is Friendica how it should have been.

This feeling of Red being the new and improved version is strengthened because many features from Red are not ported to Friendica. For example, a decentralized directory has already been implemented for Red and it looks like Friendica could use the exact same implementation. It gives me the impression that Friendica is being abandoned by this group of developers.

Can someone clear up the situation for me?
@friendica support
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That always sounds as if ~friendica ~friendica is not a social network of it's own, caring for your privaxy. I'd say
friendica is a distributed social network which cares about your privacy, but allows you to connect to (federate) with other social networks. When you do so though, you sacrify some of this privacy (e.g. making your postings public for the entire internet) because of the different communication models.

But otherwise I go with those lines.
Ok that clears things up a lot. For me the connectivity is a priority over the stronger privacy so I'm surely staying with Friendica.