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Lots of points to agree with...

Boycottsystemd: boycott systemd
systemd 0 is a replacement for the sysvinit daemon used in GNU/Linux and Unix systems, originally authored by Lennart Poettering of Red Hat. It represents a monumental increase in complexity, an abhorrent and violent slap in the face to the Unix philosophy, and its inherent domineering and viral nature turns it into something akin to a "second kernel" that is spreading all across the Linux ecosystem.

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Carsten Pfeiffer
@David Benfell Out of curiosity: what problems did you have with systemd, besides (And what was the problem with that, a quick search didn't show anything obvious).

I also had some problems when my Debian system was upgraded and systemd was installed (didn't boot anymore). But since then, everything is pretty smooth.

I have to admit that I do not deliberately use much of its functionality, besides journalctl and starting/stopping services once in a while. So most of the stuff happens "under the hood" and works nicely for me.
Elena ``of Valhalla''
They can, just like then can depend specifically on anything else: most of the time this is not abused and there is no real reason to think that it is going to be abused this time.

Of course if a downstream project depends on systemd in a big way it the debian package is going to depend on systemd-sysv, but there are people inside Debian who are interested in not letting these dependencies proliferate where they can be easily patched.

(And while they are not release architectures, the hurd and kFreeBSD ports are still active, and sysVinit is still the default init on those, so it won't stop being supported in the near future; the only init that is really going to suffer is upstart, since it has also basically lost its upstream.)