Tim Schlotfeldt
Three hours after opening my ~friendica ~friendica server for registrations they are back again: the spammers :-)
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Tim Schlotfeldt
Before I opened registration again, I got zero POST hits on /register:

# fgrep 'POST /register' /var/log/apache2/f.tschlotfeldt-ssl.access.2015-05-08.anon.log | wc -l

First day with open (moderated) registration I got this:
# fgrep 'POST /register' /var/log/apache2/f.tschlotfeldt-ssl.access.2015-05-09.anon.log | wc -l

# fgrep #spam
David Benfell
Annoying. I see spammers once in a while. But yeah, I try to check out everyone who registers. And at the rate you cite, that would be unmanageable.